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Pros and Cons of Owning a Pontoon Boat

By: Crest Pontoon Boats on Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Pontoon Cons

Pulling a pontoon. Pontoons might be daunting to trailer. Their size, width, and weight can make pulling cumbersome. Boats with a V hull will sit more securely on trailers and make  better fit for smaller spaces. However, Crest Pontoons offers some great video resources to help make things as simple as possible.

Speed and range. A pontoon is certainly not the fastest boat out there, and its range is safest for smaller trips and sticking close to home. They also provide some rain and sun protection but are probably not the best solution for sleep or overnight excursions. However, don’t rule out speed when it comes to a Crest. Explore engine and horsepower options on the Continental NX if you're looking for an exhilarating tritoon experience.

Handling in rough water. Pontoons aren’t the most nimble of boats. Their build requires drivers to take wide turns—potentially posing a problem for some when docking or navigating in general. They are especially difficult to handle in rough water. Be sure to check the forecast and stick to calm water cruises to be safe. The SeaStar Optimus Electronic Power Steering, given as an option in the CP3+ performance package, can help improve upon control and maneuverability for Crest owners.

Intense fishing or water sports. You can absolutely enjoy both water sports and fishing on a pontoon boat,especially with our options for a premium ski and tube tow bar or a front livewell. But if something like an inboard engine is a must for your fishing or watersport desires, then you might want to go in another direction. There are boats out there that may be better suited for intense activities, but the Crest Caribbean RS’s Ultimate Wakeboard Package or the Classic LX Fish Package offer a solid water sporting experience.

Pontoon Pros

Plenty of space. A pontoon boat’s large and flat deck provides plenty of room to get around and bring guests on board. Entertainment tables, various storage options, and cooler space for food and drinks make a pontoon the perfect place to host. Or keep all of the space for yourself to stretch out and sunbathe. Check out the Crest Continental model with its ottoman cooler for the best of both worlds.

Fit for the whole family. Not only do pontoons have the space to accommodate the entire family, but they’re equipped to do it safely. Thanks to its deck height, boarding and exiting a pontoon is a breeze. The railing also provides an added layer of safety for any excited kiddos or curious furry friends. Both the Caribbean RS and Caribbean LX are fit for the entire family. The RS is secure with strong fence rails, and the LX offers a convenient doggie drawer for your favorite first mate.

Low maintenance costs. Outside of routine service and regular cleaning, pontoons require a relatively low level of maintenance. And the work they do require is not very labor-intensive. Both the interior and exterior of a pontoon are easy to keep clean and in good condition.

Smooth and stable ride. It’s hard to find a boat that provides a consistently smoother ride than a pontoon. Are you wanting to avoid a rough experience as a driver and a passenger? Try a toon. For increased stability, try a Crest tritoon from the Classic, Caribbean, or Luxury Family.

Depth capabilities. Due to a high degree of buoyancy, most of a pontoon is well above the waterline. This allows them to not need a lot of depth and go in shallower areas where other boats cannot.

Versatility. While there are boats that may be better suited for certain activities, pontoon boats are extremely versatile. If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, pontoon boats are a solid way to give it all a try.