It’s counting down the days
until the weekend.

It’s waking up early, grabbing a fishing pole and racing the sunrise. It’s turning up the music and embracing the ones around you. It’s family and friends. It’s sunrise to sunset.

It’s what you’ve dreamed of. It's what you've worked for. It’s the days and the people that matter most.

It’s Crest.

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Why Crest


Your best days on the water start with the best materials. High-quality tubes, robust fence rails, and the industry’s best deck construction provide what you need to enjoy your ride with confidence.


Across our entire lineup, every Crest makes a statement on the water. Powder-coated rails come standard and provide a timeless look that will last a lifetime. Plenty of features, colors, and accent options make it easy to customize your boat to be uniquely yours.


Our seats are designed with deeper seat bases, higher seat backs, and superior foam for longer and more comfortable days in the sun. Versatile layouts make it easy for everyone on board to move around, get comfortable, and explore the views on the water.


The Savannah

The Savannah is our ultimate expression of innovation. Our flagship model in both performance and style, the Savannah beautifully paints the picture of everything a pontoon should be. This is a luxury pontoon at its best━this is the Savannah.

the savannah
Crest Savannah 270 Slc Boc 001

Features &

Abundant standard features and extensive upgrades allow you to customize your Crest so that every day is your best day on the water.

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