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Classic Family
Signature Pontoons
The Classics are Crest’s most popular line of pontoons and tritoons. Comfort and performance are at the forefront of features onboard each model in this family lineup.
Crest Classic LX Profile
Classic LX
Starting at $37,460
Crest Classic DLX Profile
Classic DLX
Starting at $46,380
Crest Classic Platinum Profile
Classic Platinum
Starting at $58,385
Caribbean Family
Premium line
The Caribbean family offers everything you need for your best days on the water. You can fully customize this lineup of premium models for a luxurious experience or sporting adventures.
250 Caribbean LX SLS Navy Navy SIDE
Caribbean LX
Starting at $74,500
250 Caribbean RS SLS Black Blue White SIDE
Caribbean RS
Starting at $86,075
250 Caribbean Platinum SLS Navy Navy Black SIDE
Caribbean Platinum
Starting at $94,075
Luxury Family
Ultimate luxury boats
The Crest Luxury Family includes three top-tier models and features the ultimate mix of performance and power with deluxe amenities. With unique floor plans, full-size walk-through windshields, scalable performance packages, and abundant standards and options, you can customize the Crest Luxury Family to meet the most precise of preferences.
Starting at $138,385
Continental NX
Continental NX
Starting at $149,155
Starting at $128,230
Electric Line
Crest continues to lead the charge with thoughtful innovations by introducing the brand-new Electric Line of eco-friendly pontoon boats. Cruise electric-only lakes and waterways or simply enjoy a new level of peace and relaxation with less noise and zero emissions.
Crest Classic Current Profile
Starting at $49,000