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2022 Crest Pontoon Boats

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Our 2022 Pontoons Are Here – Dive In!

Every boat is packed with features to make your days out on the water just a little bit sweeter.

It’s counting down the days until the weekend. It’s waking up early, grabbing a fishing pole and racing the sunrise to your favorite spot. It’s turning up the music, pulling your pontoon boat up to the sandbar and embracing the ones around you. This is what you’ve dreamed of, worked for and what truly matters the most.

Continental NX Crest Pontoon Boat

Continental Crest Pontoon Boat

Caribbean Platinum Pontoon Boat

Caribbean RS Crest Pontoon Boat

Caribbean LX Crest Pontoon Boat

Comfort and performance are at the forefront of features on board each pontoon in our 2022 Crest Classic family lineup. Grab your whole crew because you can customize your Classic Platinum, Classic DLX , Classic LX or Classic Fish from bow to stern. Build and price your Crest today.

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