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Fueling Your Boat

By: Crest Pontoon Boats on Thursday, August 24, 2023

Proper pontoon fueling procedures are crucial in keeping everyone safe and preventing onboard fires. Filling up your Crest isn’t the same as filling up your car, so be sure to take your time and pay close attention.

The proper way to fuel your Crest pontoon is as follows: 

- Secure your boat to the dock.

- Turn off the engine.

- Extinguish all open flames.

- Do not use electrical switches.

- No smoking.

- Make sure doors, ports, and hatches are closed.

- Make sure all passengers are off the boat.

- Determine the proper fuel type and quantity required.

- Hold the hose nozzle firmly against the fill pipe opening.

- Do not overfill.

- Wipe up any spillage. 

- Open ports, hatches, and doors to ventilate.

- If you have a blower, turn it on for four minutes minimum.

- Do the sniff test to make sure no vapors were trapped.

- Start the engine.

- Re-board your passengers.

- Untie from the dock and set off.

Follow these steps to help ensure the safety of your crew, your boat, and yourself.