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7 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Pontoon Boat

By: Crest Pontoon Boats on Wednesday, August 23, 2023

1. The boating activities you want to do

Whether it’s water sports or fishing, desired boating activities play a role in what pontoon is right for you and should be taken into account. There are packages or factory options—like Crest’s Ultimate Wakeboard Package and Classic LX Fish Package—you can add on to your pontoon to better accommodate certain activities. Take advantage of what’s available, and prep your pontoon for the best boat day possible.

2. The floorplan that best fits your needs

If cruising and catching some rays are at the top of your list, maybe one with a swing back lounge chair or L-shaped sunpad is best for you. Or if you’re planning on pontoon fishing, look into a layout that incorporates fishing chairs and rod holders. Maybe a mix of both!

3. The pontoon size that suits you

Pontoons come in various sizes, and the biggest may not always be best for you. Some factors that can help determine what length you’ll need are dock and storage space, trailer size and the towing capacity of your vehicle, the number of people you’re hoping to fit, desired engine size and fuel budget, and the size of whatever body of water it will be on.

4. The body of water your boat will be on

Pontoons don’t do well in choppy conditions. Are you on a larger body of water where things tend to get rough? While this doesn’t necessarily mean a pontoon won’t work for you, it should definitely be taken into consideration for size and more. And if you’re in a saltwater area, you’ll need to make sure you’re working with a toon that’s saltwater safe.

5. The required maintenance for the model you’re interested in

All boats involve upkeep. But if you’re looking into an electric pontoon, a longer boat, or one with a performance upgrade, then it can’t hurt to clarify the regular maintenance of that specific model.

6. The boat’s necessary and desired amount of horsepower

Outboard motors are standard for pontoon boats, and the horsepower ranges now offered are substantial. The Crest Continental NX even offers a twin engine upgrade with up to 800 horsepower. Certain factors like size may limit the amount of horsepower your boat can support. However, any speed restrictions on your body of water, the distance you’ll be needing to travel, and how you’ll use the boat can help determine a suitable range as well.

7. The exterior and interior detailing you desire

While this depends on if you’re buying new and what the dealer has to offer, you’ll likely have the opportunity to tweak the style of your toon. This ranges from exterior panel colors to floor coverings. And while any upgrades come with a price increase, all levels from a good manufacturer include must-haves when it comes to safety, seating, and storage.