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5 Ways to Practice Eco-Friendly Boating

By: Crest Pontoon Boats on Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Make the switch to eco-friendly boating with the Crest Current without sacrificing comfort, quality, performance, or style. And aside from our electric pontoon, here are five more ways to turn your boat days green.

1. Try to prevent fuel and oil spills. If you’ve yet to go electric, be sure to fill your fuel tanks slowly and do your best to catch any drops or spillage. But if overflow does occur, avoid hosing it off into the water. Fill any portable fuel tanks on land, and store oil-absorbent rags on board just in case.

2. Stow it, don’t throw it. Practice proper waste management by securely storing all of your trash on board. Dispose of everything properly once you’re back on land, including any pet waste, and recycle what you can—batteries, glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, and more. Avoid single-use items when you can!

3. Do as much cleaning or maintenance on land as possible. Research nontoxic and biodegradable alternatives for the products you use. Rinse your boat with freshwater after each use and stay on top of maintenance to reduce the need for any harsh chemicals.

4. Protect the wildlife. Keep a respectful distance from any wildlife. Enjoy the sights without getting too close. Try to practice sustainable fishing by avoiding threatened species, releasing undersized fish, or maybe even just catching and releasing.

Reduce your fuel consumption. There are various ways of cutting down your use of fuel, but what’s our favorite method? The electric Crest Current.