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New for 2023

At Crest, we aim to provide our customers with the best pontoon lineup in the market. With every new design, we incorporate thoughtful amenities, innovation, and expert craftsmanship so your pontoon boat can stand the test of time. After all, we’ve been building high-quality pontoon and tritoon boats since 1957.

Cpb Classic Dlx Features 38

Cooler & Drawer

All models in the Signature Line 22’ and over are built with a new bow cooler drawer complete with a soft, insulated 38-can cooler you can load on and off the boat to pack your favorite snack and drinks.

LX Ski Tow Bar Features

Newly-engineered Ski Tow Bar

Build your pontoon with the newly-engineered ski tow bar with a higher tow capacity and added stainless steel options. Now rated with a 1,500 pound capacity, pull more and do more behind your Crest.

Cpb Classic Platinum Features 16

GoPro Holder

Never miss the fun. Capture it forever with the Ski Tow Extension package. Including a GoPro holder with flag accessories, you’ll get to record your favorite moments behind the boat and keep them for a lifetime.

Colormatch Upholstery

Color Match Panels & Upholstery

Step up your game and match your newly designed exterior panels to match your interior upholstery.

Safety Chain Photo

Best Seat & View

Choose which view you get on the Signature SLS, SLSC, and SLRC floor plans now with an open rear deck providing riders a spacious lounge area and better access to the water.

Crest Innovations

Cpb Current Features 65

Why Electric

The Epropulsion 3.0 Evo Motor on the all-new Crest Current is installed directly in our factory which means your Current arrives to you fully equipped to get out on the water. Our electric pontoon provides a smooth, calm, and quiet ride with zero emissions. We built this eco-friendly pontoon for boaters to cruise through electric-only lakes and waterways or simply enjoy a new level of peace.

Cpb Continental Empty Boat 03

Continental Tower

We push the boundaries and set a new standard for ultimate party tritoons. Extend the bimini to cover the bow riders and elevate the tow point when you build your Crest Continental with the ultra luxury cladded arch equipped with Klipsch audio and RGB lighting.

Cpb Continental Nx Features 40

Integrated Full-sized Windshield

The full-sized integrated windshield on the Continental models delivers the sportiness of a tow boat with the comfort and functionality of a pontoon boat. This hybrid configuration is only available on a Crest tritoon.

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Salt Shield

Constructed to last and protect your pontoon from the sun and rain Protect your Crest with SGM Hybrid passivization for marine aluminum. This impenetrable shield provides hydrophobic and oleophobic surface properties with high-wear resistance.

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