The Crest Standard

Building pontoons that stand the test of time is what we do. From concept to construction, quality is always top of mind when we build each Crest pontoon or tritoon, develop a new design, or enhance a must-have feature. We know that every detail matters to make a boat that you can count on to make memories that last a lifetime. Your time on the water means everything and you have a lot of brands to choose from. We’ve laid it out so you can see what sets us apart from the competitors and assure you that choosing a Crest is the best decision you can make when it comes to purchasing your next boat.

Our Construction Process
Is Designed Around You

What makes a Crest Pontoon
deck the most durable?

Crest tubes are built with a .100 gauge nose cone and a .125 end cap. This is notably higher than the industry standard of a .080 gauge throughout the entire tube. Pair our heavy-duty tubes with the industry’s thickest cross members, and you get a pontoon or tritoon that can ensure the hours and elements you put it through.

We use the highest-quality marine grade plywood for each boat’s chassis versus a composite deck to deliver a quieter ride you can only feel on the water. Then the deck’s seams are sealed and properly prepared so the vinyl flooring remains secure and durable.

Question 1

How does a Crest Pontoon stand out amongst the competition?

Only utilizing premium products and premium partners on a Crest Pontoon ensure your ride is smooth, safe, and secure. A solid deck allows our engineers to create a boat designed to catch your eye and improve the experience with the features and performance packages you choose for your Crest. We mount our fuel tanks to the center of the deck to equally distribute its weight and level out your pontoon’s ride.

Crest offers the powder coated rails, .040 thick panels, and a rail ribbed 1.25” to strengthen the frame of your pontoon. Factory-installed full-height panels, safety gates, and full-length hinges keep passengers safe inside the boat.

Question 2

Why are Crest Pontoon’s
furniture and upholstery
the industry’s best?

Completely assembled inside our factory, Crest Pontoon’s seats offer 33% more storage than most of the competition. We’ve designed endless floor plan options that allow you to create the perfect on-water space to entertain and embrace behind-the-boat activities with as many people and pups you can fit on aboard. Crest SoftTouch and CoolFeel upholstery options bring comfort on a pontoon up another level.

Cpb Macro Features 10

What is Crest Pontoon’s promise to protect the pontoon we’ve built?

Our confidence in our materials, our methods, and our suppliers allows us to offer a solid warranty you can count on. The Crest warranty provides peace of mind for structure and most components.

- 5-year Bow to Stern Warranty

- Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty

- Limited Lifetime Hull Warranty

Question 4

Only The Best
Is Good Enough

Your best days on the water start with best-in-class materials. We partner with brands that offer the most superior technology for your pontoon. From top-of-the-line audio systems and LED lights to fish finders and GPS systems, we ensure you’re out there with only the best devices for your.

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