The Crest Standard

Crest Pontoon Boats sets the standard for quality, craftsmanship, and excellence within the world of pontoon boating. With a heritage rooted in tradition, we have meticulously crafted each model since our inception in 1957. At the core of our legacy lies our unwavering commitment to superior construction. While most factories merely order parts and assemble boats, we take a different approach. We elevate craftsmanship to an art form by building every component of our pontoons, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and attention to detail. Our pride is evident in our in-house upholstery, featuring deeper seats and higher seat backs, and the standard powder-coated rails that set us apart from the competition–because only the best is good enough.

Durable By Design

Powder-Coated Versus Color-Anodized Railings 

Crest standard powder-coated rails offer an added .25” of thickness for long-lasting protection. Our powder coating technique provides an extra multifaceted layer offering superior anticorrosion properties, enhanced durability, and scratch resistance that sets our railings apart from others with a simple color-anodized finish.





Construction Image

Quietest, Driest, and Smoothest Ride


Experience tranquility on the water with our industry-leading design, boasting the thickest panels on the market. These double panels not only eliminate vibration and noise but also provide the added benefit of reduced flex, ensuring a smooth and quiet ride even in challenging waters. The M-bracket height keeps you further away from the splash zone, and the strategically placed splash guards on nose cones further contribute to a dry ride.


With superior chassis construction paired with our full-size railings and ergonomically designed seats, your boating experience reaches new heights of safety and comfort. 




Construction Image 4.

Furniture Crafted In-House


Completely assembled inside our factory, Crest Pontoon’s seats offer 33% more storage than most of the competition. Compared to ordering pre-sized parts, we custom-build each piece of furniture and maximize storage by extending the fiberglass bases to the same length as the seats. This means we utilize the room under the seats for gear and storage instead of wasting that extra bit of space you often see hanging over the bases.

Cpb Macro Features 10

What is Crest Pontoon’s promise to protect the pontoon we’ve built?

Our confidence in our materials, our methods, and our suppliers allows us to offer a solid warranty you can count on. The Crest warranty provides peace of mind for structure and most components.


- 5-year Bow to Stern Warranty

- Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty

- Limited Lifetime Hull Warranty

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Only The Best
Is Good Enough

Your best days on the water start with best-in-class materials. We partner with brands that offer the most superior technology for your pontoon. From top-of-the-line audio systems and LED lights to fish finders and GPS systems, we ensure you’re out there with only the best devices for your.

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