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For the Days that Matter Most

Since 1957, Crest pontoons has delivered an on-water experience unlike anything else. Located in Owosso, Michigan since day one, we push the boundaries of innovation and hold pontoons and the experiences they can deliver to the highest standard. Crest’s construction and reliability is unparalleled in the industry because of our care and dedication to our craft.


Every model we offer is designed to let you rule the day with comfortable amenities, innovative features, and superior quality. There’s nothing like enjoying the water with the people you care about most. We’re here to help make those memories last a lifetime.

The Six Pillars of Crest

Structural Superiority

From our hand-crafted tubes in our CP3 performance package to the textured powder-coated finish on each rail, our pontoons are constructed to last for a lifetime of memories on the water.


Our drive to continuously deliver the highest quality pontoon is what keeps us going. Our team of talented engineers carry the craft of innovation into each thoughtfully designed feature - from integrated bow coolers to the industry’s first wraparound windshield.


We design our pontoons to perform, and allow you to customize your own investment. You can dial in the details through endless color and flooring options, multiple performance packages, and unique lighting systems.



Deeper seat bases, higher seat backs, and lush foam have deemed “comfort” the number one reason to own a Crest. We never settle for anything less, so you shouldn’t either. Our versatile layouts allow you to move around, get comfortable, and enjoy every moment out on the water.


Carefully handstitched captain’s chairs, conveniently placed wireless chargers, and everything in between. Your pontoon doesn’t begin its journey to your dock without a comprehensive inspection - ensuring the highest quality product leaving our production facility.


Thicker panels and larger diameter tubes combined with our enhanced lifting strakes promise a dependable and smooth ride wherever your Crest may take you. Extra power is always an option for your pontoon with our various performance packages.

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