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Preparing Your Boat for Storage

By: Crest Pontoon Boats on Thursday, January 25, 2024

Preparing your boat for storage is a crucial part of maintaining its longevity and overall care. Whether it’s being stored for the off-season, an extended vacation, or the winter, taking the necessary steps can make a significant difference. 

Clean Your Boat

Begin the storage process by ensuring your boat is impeccably clean. Follow these steps for an effective cleaning routine:

- Start cleaning from the bow and work your way towards the stern.

- Thoroughly clean both the interior and exterior surfaces.

- Rinse well to remove all soap residue.

- Use a towel to completely dry all surfaces.

This meticulous cleaning not only keeps the paint in prime condition but also minimizes the risk of moldy buildup, ensuring your pontoon boat looks its best when it comes out of storage.

Unplug The Batteries & Remove Plugs

The next crucial step is to unplug the batteries in your boat. Here's why this simple measure matters:

- Unplugging the batteries is essential to prevent unnecessary draining, significantly prolonging the battery's life.

- Additionally, make sure to remove all plugs, especially if you plan on storing your pontoon boat outdoors or on a trailer. This prevents potential damage in case the boat fills with water during rain.

Cover Your Boat

The final step is to ensure your boat is properly covered with a boat cover. This protective measure shields your boat from dust, dirt, and water during its time in storage. The importance of covering your boat cannot be overstated, as it safeguards your investment and preserves the boat's condition.

Whether you choose indoor or outdoor storage, following these steps ensures that your pontoon boat is well-protected. By doing so, you not only safeguard your investment but also guarantee that your boat looks and rides as if it were brand new when you take it out of storage. Proper boat storage is a commitment to maintaining the value and performance of your beloved Crest Pontoon.