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Boat Day Essentials: Pack Like a Pro.

By: Crest Pontoon Boats on Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Picture the warm sun grazing your skin, a refreshing breeze off the water, the sound of splashing waves—the soundtrack to a perfect boat day.

What would the perfect boat day be without the essential supplies that ensure a great day? 

Let’s discover the necessary items that are essential to pack in your boat bag to ensure your day on the water is smooth and enjoyable. 

Sun Protection 

The most important thing to remember for your lake day. Sunburn has no place in your fun-filled day on the water, so be sure to pack sunscreen that suits your needs. But don’t stop there—throw on some stylish hats, sunglasses, or chic cover-ups to elevate your sun protection game. 


Whether you’re planning a dip in the water or soaking up the sun on the deck, towels are essential for comfort. Be sure to bring enough towels for the entire crew. Consider multi-purpose towels that can double as comfortable seat covers for the ultimate relaxation experience. 


Snacks and hydration are among the most important things for a successful lake day. Packing a few plastic baggies with your favorite chips or snacks can help you recharge throughout the day. Hydration is equally important, so don’t forget to pack a cooler with refreshing beverages to keep everyone onboard revitalized and refreshed. 

Proper Documentation 

To guarantee a smooth and safe boat day, place a wallet or cardholder in a waterproof case, ready to be stowed in your boat bag. Keep your driver’s license, boater’s license, and registration within easy reach, ensuring a stress-free day on the water.   

Now that your boat bag is packed to perfection, keep it all dry and easy to reach by storing it under the seats of your Crest pontoon boat. Your ideal boat day awaits!