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A Guide to Pontoon Fishing

By: Crest Pontoon Boats on Wednesday, July 19, 2023

All pontoons are not made equal, especially when it comes to fishing. If fishing is a priority for you and your crew, then look into those that accommodate fishing—like Crest’s Classic LX Fish Package. Here are some additional tips and tricks to keep in mind when fishing from a pontoon.

1. Think about your fishing spot. Pontoons are best in calm water. It’s just as important (if not more) to avoid waves and chop when fishing, otherwise you could be too busy trying to steer or stay in control to fish. Drift fishing is popular on a pontoon. But if you’ve found a spot that you don’t want to lose, then it’s best to anchor down. Even two anchors can’t hurt—one in the front and one in the back for added stability.

2. Keep the bimini top down or completely remove it. As nice as the sun protection may be, we recommend you keep it to what can be worn on your head when fishing. Either keep the top down or remove it to avoid any issues when casting.

3. Install some rod holders. While this isn’t an issue with several of the Crest Classic LX Fish Package, other pontoons often aren’t equipped with rod holders. There are a few different options for rail-mounted holders including clamp-on, bolt-on, and track-mounted.

4. Make sure you’ve got what you need. One of the many perks of a pontoon is space. Take advantage of the ample space available, and make sure you’ve got all the gear you need. Since many pontoons prioritize comfort, their seats may not be made to withstand some of what comes along with the fishing prep and cleaning processes. So, some towels to cover your seats are always a good idea. Be sure you have a solution for rod storage, a livewell or baitwell, a cooler, and maybe even a grill to cook your catch out on the water.

5. Reel in your catch carefully. Pontoons rest higher off the water than other fishing boats. While this may not necessarily pose an issue, it is something to be aware of. Some extra strength and control can help when bringing a fish in and onto the deck of a pontoon. Consider using a net with a long handle for the job.