How to enjoy life on the water in cooler temperatures

How to enjoy life on the water in cooler temperatures

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With breezes and temperatures dropping, you can still take your Crest for a spin on the water. There are tons of opportunities to get out on the water with your crew, from fishing different species to navigating new waterways when it’s less crowded. Keep these tips in mind to have a blast while enjoying some winter boating.

Tip #1: Do these things before you leave

Be sure to charge your boat battery before you head out so you can spend hours having fun on the water. Bring a spare battery as a backup. Every model in our lineup from our Signature pontoons to our Luxury family has ample storage to keep spare batteries out of the elements.

Another thing to check off the list is to replace the boat’s oil with a formula that’s optimized for venturing out in cold weather.

Finally, check for leaks and any signs of water in drains, seacocks, portholes, and windows. Make sure seals and plugs are in place and in good working condition to prevent water from leaking into your pontoon. Check in with your local dealer to ensure all warranty items are addressed.

Tip #2: Dress for the temperature

Colder temperatures mean getting comfortable with layers, especially out on the water. Cruise in style with quality Crest apparel to keep warm. Plus, pack waterproofing sprays to protect your clothes from getting wet.

Bundle up to stay warm and cozy during your cooler trips with:

· Waterproof boots

· Face covering

· Skin goggles

· Thick socks

· Insulated gloves

· Fingerless gloves

· Hat

· Coat

· Personal flotation devices


Tip #3: Save the watersports for the warmer months

Leave the water skis at home and bring a fishing rod for your winter boating trips. Head out between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. local time. The Classic Fish has enough rod holders for the entire family.

Do a quick search for what species of fish will be out in the water during the season to adjust your fishing technique accordingly. For example, you can use a line conditioner to prevent your line from freezing. While you’re out, explore local waterways that are usually crowded during the warmer seasons.

For maximum comfort, remember to bring blankets, pillows, a cooler, some easy-to-make meals (such as sandwiches, cold pasta, and tuna salads), and pack a picnic basket to celebrate the day with good company.

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