Preparing Your Pontoon for the Crest Summer Ever

Preparing Your Pontoon for the Crest Summer Ever

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It’s that time! The weather is warming up and the water is calling. Are you and your crew prepared and ready to have the Crest summer ever? Here are some things to keep in mind before pushing off the dock for the season:

Check your boating license and boat registration.

Renewals and updates may take some time so you’ll want to check this as soon as possible so there aren’t any delays when you’re ready to push off the dock. Review your pontoon and trailer registrations and the captain’s boating license.

Clean your pontoon.

Depending on where you stored your pontoon for the winter, the steps to getting it ready for summer may be different.

If you stored your pontoon outside, you’ll want to remove the cover or shrink wrap carefully making sure not to damage the outside paint and railings or interior cushions.

Clean your pontoon thoroughly removing any dirt and debris from the inside, outside, and around the toons. This is easiest when the pontoon is still on the trailer, and you may need to pressure wash the toons depending on the discoloration and amount of dirt.

Check the oil and engine components.

It is imperative that the oil and oil filter in your pontoon are checked and changed on a regular basis; especially if it’s been months since you’ve taken it out.

Perform any engine and electrical maintenance necessary by checking the fluid levels, cooling systems, lights, and electrical outlets.

Check the battery and test electronics.

If needed, re-insert your battery, hook it up, and make sure it’s in working order. Test all the electronics on your pontoon while you’re at it including gauges and again, fluid levels. Don’t forget to test the lights on your trailer as well.

Protect your pontoon

Certain sealants and protectants are made to keep your pontoon working and looking its best all summer. Research which protectants you may need and apply accordingly. Contacting your nearest dealer is a great way to find out what’s best for protecting your pontoon.

Consider purchasing a cover for your pontoon to protect it against the elements when you’re not on the water.

Put your pontoon in the water and have the Crest summer ever.

Pack the drinks, pack the food, and get your summer music playlist ready to make every moment matter this summer. We can’t wait to see you and your crew enjoying every moment on your Crest.

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