What do the Crest Six Pillars mean?

Six pillars drive our product development, engineering and ultimately, our entire organization. These pillars are the foundation that assures you will derive a great sense of pride and many years of boating enjoyment from your Crest Pontoon ownership experience.

Our Pillars


Every Crest pontoon is built to last, using industry-leading manufacturing processes and the finest marine components, including durable aluminum alloys, fully sealed and 4-chambered pontoons, superior structural extrusions, fiberglass helms and so much more. In other words, Crest’s everyday standard is extraordinary—it’s the only way we know how to get it done right.


Crest’s reputation as an innovator in the pontoon industry is built on decades of experience. From enhancements in comfort-related components like premium seating, and upholstery to performance driven advances in propulsion, fuel, and steering systems, Crest is continually on the cutting edge of pontoon technology and design.


Bold and distinctive styling sets Crest apart from ordinary pontoons, offering eye-catching design at any trim level. Choose from unique color palettes, sophisticated graphics, contemporary fence designs, and premium upholstery and flooring options to create your own signature style. For added safety, full height fencing and panels are standard.


Because comfort and safety are paramount in every Crest pontoon, our spring-loaded helm seats are ergonomically designed and covered with durable Comfort Plus seating surfaces. We also use 25” and 26” pontoons, carefully balancing weight distribution to produce a smooth, dry, and consistently comfortable ride.


The expertise and engineering/manufacturing knowledge of our experienced staff are key factors in the quality and precision of Crest pontoons. Every phase of production includes extensive, built-in quality checks, ensuring that the quality control process is not limited to an audit after assembly, but instead flows through the entire manufacturing process. We manufacture quality so you don’t have to inspect it.


To ensure optimum performance in a variety of applications and conditions, Crest offers pontoons in a range of performance configurations, which includes the Crest Standard, CP2, CPT, CP3 and CP3+ Performance Editions. We also partner with all major outboard manufacturers, enabling your professional Crest dealer to customize a model that matches your exact specifications.